Terms & Conditions

The ATOMZ apps are supplied on an “as-is” / “own risk” basis. If we are made aware of any coding errors (“bugs”) we will do our best to correct them.

We do not handle any financial transactions, so our apps will not cause loss of earnings to vendors. However, should a problem occur in the databases that track click-thro / sales / refunds, it may cause incorrect reporting for that month. This may mean the reports we generate to show payments due to affiliates may be incorrect. We do not accept responsibility for any such errors other that correcting the underlying coding to remove the cause of the error

We do not validate products uploaded to the ATOMZ product directory; the vendor decides on the text of their listing, and we do not endorse any claims made therin.

Whilst our apps will advise a vendor of any affiliate sales – and how much they should pay to each affiliate – we cannot enforce a vendor to pay commissions. Please report any vendor who does not pay out, and we may contact them on your behalf. If a vendor continues to abuse the system, they will be removed. However, we will not become directly involved with personal disputes, ie in cases where you feel you have been underpaid etc.

All items you create via our apps remain your “property”, and can be edited at any time. However, they only remain ‘active’ as long as your subscription is maintained each month. Should a membership lapse, we do not instantly delete your account. We simply “downgrade” you to an affiliate for up to 14 days, giving you the chance to contact your bank as to why payment has failed. As soon as the correct payment is made, we will return your status to “Vendor”, and all your products will become active again.

Should you chose to terminate your ATOMZ account, the account will remain active until the next payment would have been due. No subscriptions are refunded So if you paid your subscription on (say) 14th of the month, and then decide to terminate the account as of the 22nd, your account will remain active until the 13th of the following month. Note: If you join towards the end of the month, in time, your payment date will be moved to the 1st of the month. For example, you sign up on 31st March. One month on, there is no 31st April, so you will be moved to 1st May … then 1st June and so on

Any comments or posts made within the forums are the posters own opinion. We do not necessarily endorse their opinion. Any abuse of the forums – either through repeated bad language or “trolling” will see that member removed. There is a “REPORT” option on all posts, and the moderators will investigate the post, and take any action they feel appropriate

This information is not exhaustive, and more Terms and Conditions may be added in due course.