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For “casual observers” to our site – ie from search engines or articles – posts and forums are “read only”; you cannot post comments on articles, or create / reply to topics in the forums. To create a free account so you can comment / create / reply, please click on the “JOIN US” button on the far right of the top menu.

As marketers, we publish our own products from time to time. Should you run into any problems with these, MEMBERS, (not “casual observers”. See above) can ask for assistance via the ATOMZ promotions forum. (It may be replied to by me personally, or from other user’s who know the answer)

We would like to keep the above forum for our own products, (although we know a few posts will slip through!) … but there is also a forum for other vendor’s to post details of their product (External Affiliate Promotions) Please DO NOT type full sales letters here; Keep it brief to entice people over to your own website. (We would also ask you to add a “product tag” to your post, so that people can search for posts related to your offer. Similarly, you should visit the forum occassional, search for your product tag, and answer any queries that have been raised. In effect, it could be used as a secondary product support area.

Most vendor’s will sell their products via one of the “Big Three” companies, such as “ClickBank“, “JVZoo” or “WarriorPlus” If there is a feature on their site you are not sure about, you can seek the assistance of others via this forum.
(Again, this is for MEMBERS, not “casual observers”)
IMPORTANT: This is NOT a place to complain about the above companies.

Another section is “Anything and Everything” As the name suggests, this is any topic you want to chat to others about – within reason. We will remove links to porn sites, obvious “junk” / spun messages etc. We want it to be helpful and informative. “Trolling” will result in the post being removed. By now, you should realise this is a MEMBERS ONLY feature.

The forums are “independant” of the main site, and have their own “profile” area. Once you have made a post, a link to your “account” will appear. Here you can add links to your Social media, website, personal bio etc.

** Considering how many forums / users are likely to be using this site, it will be difficult for me to moderate all forums. So if you fancy acting as a moderatior for any of these forums, click on the “Moderate 4 Us” button.

Users themselves can also “report” a post by clicking a button on the post itself. This will alert me, and I can take a look. Moderators can similarly delete posts.

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