Moderate our forums

Hopefully, this site will soon have lots of members, and lots of people contributing to the forums (!!) In which case, it will be a monumental task for me to write articles for all the categories, AND moderate all the forums … so we are looking for people to take on the latter task. (We also seek guest writers, but that’s another article)

Unfortunately, this would be on a purely voluntary basis But we don’t expect you to “work” / give up your time for little reward. So we will offer you two “perks”.

First of all, all moderator will be listed on the “Meet The Moderator’s” page, showing your email address (if you choose to publish it), a link to your website, and social media graphics linking to your sites (such as “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “YouTube” etc) Unfortunately, at this stage, the plugin we use is unable to publish your bio

Note: Moderator’s cannot be assigned to individual forums; you will have the ‘power’ to edit / delete posts in every forum on our site.

In some respects, this is no bad thing as it means moderator’s share the task of keeping things in order The only thing you cannot do is create new forums or delete members. (They might be a little annoyed if they’re paying a monthly membership fee, and you ban them from using a forum !)

Secondly, we will give you full access to the Tecc-Tocc articles and forums. (Note: NOT the ATOMZ apps which is a monthly paid option)

So what does a moderator do? (Don’t say “moderate” !) Obviously, they read posts and watch out for “fruity” language, and maybe edit as appropriate. Secondly, if they have the knowledge of the subject, they can provide people with answers. In short, they help me keep things ticking over.

Now obviously, people can become moderators, get full access to the site, get their business promoted in the moderator’s section … and then do nothing! So please, only offer to help if you mean it. (Anyone who doesn’t “pull their weight” may be removed)

Obviously, that’s not saying you have to remain committed forever. People’s circumstances change, and you may need to give up your assistance. You may find that moderating takes up TOO MUCH of your time. In which case, just let us know, and we will remove your moderating duties with no ill feelings. We may also remove your access to the Tecc-Tocc site, but that will depend on how you’ve helped us in the past.

This is NOT a “job” where we expect you to work a set number of hours a week. It’s entirely up to you; I’m just grateful for any assistance you can offer me!

One final note: We are not going to ‘recruit’ hundreds of moderators. In the early stages, it will probably be capped around 25 ~ 30 people. If the site starts to get popular, we might push that to 50 moderators. (After that, we may well run a ‘waiting list’ for potential moderators so we can replace any admin user who drops out)

To become a moderator, you will need to register first. The link to that page is shown below. However, to prevent spammers signing up, the page is Password Protected. To obtain that password, you will need to send an email to “authors” =at= “” (We have to write it like that so only humans – not spam bots – will be able to understand it)

Moderator Registration

** Should you wish to edit your details shown in the “Meet The Moderator’s” listing, there is a link in the top menu called “Mod profile update” that allows you to update details. For obvious reasons, this is also Password Protected!