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  • As part of the “CB-DAK” (ClickBank Dormant Account Killa) app

Price: Free!
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ATOMZ membership (Paid)
ATOMZ (Affiliate Tools for Online MarketerZ) is a set of apps that may help in your marketing endeavours. Here are just a few of the apps it offers.

  • Product directory featuring products from ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus, (depends on which vendors choose to list their products with us) You can also place this on your own website, and earn commission from any sales.
  • Banner Exchange – with a twist. Works on a 1:1 ratio, and when anyone clicks a banner, we invite them to sign up to your mailing list before taking them to the site. Note: They are subscribed to the mailing list of the banner owner, not the site on which it was displayed)
  • Brand PDF’s with customer’s email address
  • Brand PDF’s with affiliate details. The latter can then give away the book to their contacts.
  • Videos that have clickable buttons. Let people signup to your newsletter, visit your website and more simply by clicking buttons as they appear onscreen.
  • Let affiliate’s brand your promotional video, which they upload to their own Social Media accounts
  • URL shortener / URL redirect
  • Shorten long affiliate links for any of the platforms listed above. The link becomes as simple as: “https://r.atomz.pro/?59.JNSVDH
  • We track all sales, refunds. subscription renewals. At the end of the tax year, if you have paid them more than $600, you can send the affiliate a 1099-NEC / 1042-S as required by the IRS. (JVZoo and WarriorPlus offer no help with this)
  • Reward your affiliates when they send XXX clicks to your sales page. Or offer them another reward for ZZZ sales
  • Make sure your WordPress icons will fit the various thumbnail sizes required by your theme

We also have the “Join The Party!” app. Basically, for people who have not signed in, we show products that have launched in the last few days. Once logged in, we display products that are due to launch … so you can set up your special offers before that  product goes “live” to the public.

** We are also plan to create a webinar alternative. Rather than consuming huge amounts of bandwith, essentially showing a pre-recorded video to thousands of people, we propose to make it a sort of Powepoint presentation … but with continous audio! Rather than gigabytes of video data that current webinars use, our app will use less than 20megs each time. And even that could be reduced if using a CDN service!

Please bear in mind, this is a paid feature, and costs $20 per month. But we also offer $9 commission per month (paid via ClickBank)

Sound interesting?
Then take a look at our main website.
ATOMZ (Affiliate and Tools for Online MarketerZ