How To Use The Right Menu

At the top of the menu is the “Site Search” button. You can enter a keyword, and it will display any article containing that keyword. It allows you to read an article again … if you can remember a word within the title.

Next, we have our Newletter signup where we will send you updates about ATOMZ / Tec-Tocc, as well as the occassional bits of marketing information. Please be assured,  we will NOT send you “mailshots” every day of the week. Should you wish to unsubscribe at any time, there is a link included with each email sent out. The list is maintained by a reputable company called “MailerLite”

Below that is “Recent Articles” section. Again, clicking on the picture or the headline will take you to that article.

Next we the “tag cloud” It shows how many times a particular tag has been used with an article. In short, it’s a way to discover the most popular articles. For example, “Money” might have been used (20) times, whilst “Affiliate” was used (5) times … so there are four times as many articles related to “money” than there are for “affiliate” Dare we say, clicking on any tag will list all the posts featuring that keyword.

** We only have three categories on our site (“Free” / “The Online Entrepreneur” / “The Online Course Creator”) Instead we use “tags” to group all our articles together. For example, selecting the “Misc Betting” section (members only) might show tags for “horse racing”, “golf”, “casino” etc, and clicking on a tag will show all articles with that keyword. (The  difference is that the tag coloud above lists all the keywords used on our site, whereas the menu links only show tags relating to that section

At the bottom of the screen, we have OUR Social links; these link through to the admin’s personal pages.

Within the forum sections there is a “Social Share” button, (At the far end of the topic line, and looks like three dots joined by a backward facing arrow) This allows you to “share” that post to YOUR social media accounts. Note: People will still only be able to READ the post (not post replies) unless they are registered as a member.

At the bottom of the right column is the “! IMPORTANT BITS !” section; the legal details / Terms and Conditions / Contact us etc

Hope this helps you find your way around the menu.