How To Use The Right Menu

Some sections are fairly obvious, but others may need more explaination

If you are logged in as an ATOMZ member, the first item in the menu is your “Achievement Badges” You are ‘awarded’ a badge as soon as you enrol as:

  • An ATOMZ member
  • A Forum moderator
  • A guest author account

(So you could get three badges for virtually doing nothing!)

You also get badges awarded for

  • Submitting 5 or 15 articles
  • Posting 10 or 25 comments on articles

Plus …
A badge once you have been an active member for ONE YEAR

(OK, so they don’t “DO” anything. They just look “pretty” and give you a sense of achievement!)

Below that is the “Article Categories” section. Most sections are displayed with a simple folder icon, meaning this is a single category. However, to the left of the folder, a small arrow may appear. This indicates there are sub categories within that section. Click the arrow, and the folder will “open” to reveal those sub categories. Once you have found the category you want to view, simply click on the wording.

Incidentally, if you hover your mouse over a title, a short description will pop up telling you what you can find in this section.

Below that is “Recent Articles” section. Again, clicking on the picture or the headline will take you to that article.

In the “New Atomz Members” you will find a list of some of the people who have recently joined ATOMZ / Tec-Tocc. If you click on  username   to the right of the picture, you will be taken to that user’s ATOMZ profile. (Please note: Whilst it may contain the same data – such as their website, Twitter page etc – this is NOT the same profile as displayed in the forums)

Next we display recent forum posts. Again, as above, clicking on the headline to the right of the thumbnail picture will take you to that forum post.

Beneath that area we show some – not all – of the members currently reading posts / posting to the various forums. This time, clicking the THUMBNAIL IMAGE will take you to that member’s profile where you can see how many posts they’ve made, how many replies they’ve posted to people’s questions and so on.

You will also see this data represented as “badges of honour” posted across the top of their profile. The more posts they’ve made, the higher their colour rank. It has to be said the higher awards are somewhat difficult to achieve (!):

  • Half a grey – 0 posts
  • 1 star – 5 posts (Bronze)
  • 2 stars – 20 posts (Bronze)
  • 3 stars – 50 posts (Silver)
  • 4 stars  – 100 posts (Silver)
  • 5 stars – 250 posts (Gold)
  • 1 circle – 500 posts (Bronze)
  • 2 circles – 750 posts (Silver)
  • 3 circles – 1000 posts (Gold)
  • Shield – 2500 posts
  • Trophy – 5000+ posts

(Please note: Whilst it may contain the same data – such as their website, Twitter page etc – this is NOT the same profile as displayed in the ATOMZ profile)

Beneath that is your own personal profile. Here you can check your Award rankings, and view your stats to see how many posts / replies you’ve made.

  • The “Account” button will allow you to upload personal data,
    ( such as web page, bio etc)
  • The “Activity” button will show how many posts you’ve made
  • The “Subscription” button shows how many topics/ posts
    you want to be notified of when people reply to a topic

Then we have our Newletter signup where we will send you updates about ATOMZ / Tec-Tocc, as well as the occassional bits of marketing information. Please be assured,  we will NOT send you “mailshots” every day of the week. Should you wish to unsubscribe at any time, there is a link included with each email sent out. The list is maintained by a reputable company called “MailerLite”

At the bottom of the screen, we have a calendar. Some dates will be highlighted in blue. If you know when a particular date an article was published, you can click on the date, and ALL articles published that day will be displayed.

To the right of that is the “tag cloud” When an author posts an article, they usually include “tags” to tell people what that article is about, and these appear in the cloud. For example, they create an article about “WooCommerce”, and add a tag to the post. The tag is added to the cloud. Now, if you as a reader click on that word in the “tag cloud” ALL the articles that included that tag will be displayed.

To the right of that is the boring, legal stuff! This includes what we do with your data (username and password. It is up to you what email / Twitter / website URL etc that you wish to add to your profile, and you are in control of the latter), more details about me and the ATOMZ / Tec-Tocc site, and how you can contact me. (Please bear in mind I am a sole proprietor of this business, so I have limited time to reply to personal emails)

Hope this helps you find your way around the menu.