Guest Article Submission

Let’s be honest.

Anyone who thinks they know everything about Internet Marketing is kidding themselves. So whilst I might know more about the techniques  than the “Average Joe” in the street, I’d be the first to admit, I don’t know everything.

So whilst I can write some articles, I could eventually run out of ideas. So I need people with knowledge about selling online to write articles to include on this site.

And again, whilst I know about a few money making methods, I don’t know them all in great depth For example, I have limited knowledge about making money from crypto-currency … or from investing in property. But there are people who make fortunes in these fields. If you’re one of them, perhaps you could write a guest post for the site now and again.

Obviously, it goes without saying that we will link back to your website. Plus, you can also promote your own products within the articles, (but please, not a “pitch fest”. Give the reader some helpful tips and advice first)

Once we set up your author account, you also gain access to all the other articles, message boards, videos and courses within the Tec-Tocc website.

Is it complicated to create an article? Not really! We use the same “Classic” editor used in WordPress itself:


To sign up as a guest author, please send us an email ( containing the following details:

  • Full name (First name and Last name)
  • Chosen username that will appear onscreen, (also part of your login details)
  • Chosen password

** Whilst we manually set up your account, you might like to download our PDF instruction guide that explains how to use this “secret” part of our site