The TEC-TOCC membership is currently FREE as part of the paid ATOMZ apps website. (It also forms part of the CB-DAK website) Other than the limited FREE membership, you cannot subscribe to the membership site directly

TEC (‘The Entrepreneurs Club’) is aimed at all things related to making money. Whether it’s buying and selling items via ebay or Amazon, dropship, legitimate MLM ventures, trading, gambling, the latest “Biz Opp” or ecommerce / mail order … and  anything inbetween !

TOCC (‘The Online Course Creator’) is aimed at people who want to create educational courses that can be sold online, but are unsure about where to start. It’s hoped in time that we will have our own marketing portal for these goods

Both sections have forums / message boards where you can post questions related to your business venture that hopefully more knowledgable members can answer.

There will also be sections for the ATOMZ apps such as message boards where people can seek help for problems they are experiencing, (and where other users can point them in the right direction) In time, we hope to add training videos covering how to use the apps

Other items will be added as the site develops

The site went live in Nov/Dec 2022. At that time, the site contained only a few articles. Hopefully the number of articles will expand as we encourage guest writers to submit their articles to our site