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Why Paying 7.50% Commission
On Every Sale You Make
Might Not Be Such A Bad Idea

A few years ago, I developed an app that allowed video makers to add captions to their videos

My idea was to promote it on a well known Internet Marketing site. Commission would be charged at 5% per sale

Say it quickly enough, and 5% sounds like a small amount to pay. But ...

With an app costing $50, that's $2.50 I would be losing on every item I sold, (and that's without the 2.9% paid to the payment processing company!)

  • If I sold 100 items, I'd be paying the company $250 to list my item
  • Sell 250 items, or higher priced item, and commission gets even worse
  • ** True, you do gain access to their small army of affiliates

That's for one product.
If you have multiple products to promote (Well, you do the maths !)


At the time, that seemed to be a bit of a rough deal. So I've spent the next (ho-hum!) THIRTY MONTHS, (8hrs a day, 7 days a week!) developing my own version.

The aim was to create a 0% commission platform, but alas, that has not been possible. Our payment processors charge 5% per sale. We also set things up to pay affiliates via wire transfers / Mass Pay files, and avoid using the more expensive "PayPal Payouts"

About 10 months ago - when I was ready to launch - I happened to visit another site that threw the proverbial "spanner in the works"!

It stated that the vendor was responsible for reporting to the IRS how much they'd actually paid each of their US affiliates! "No problem", I thought. "All I've got to do is send the vendor a file that totals how much was paid to each affiliate"

WRONG! Or at least, only partially correct

The vendor has to enter those details onto a 1099-NEC form if they're a US affiliate, or onto a form 1042-S if the affiliate is Overseas. And before they can pay any money to any affiliate, they have to get them to complete a W9 tax form (or W8-BEN tax form if a "foreign alien") ... which they keep on file for THREE YEARS. These forms are also used by the vendor to copy the affiliate's name and address to each form they submit to the IRS

Then I discovered that if a vendor sells over $600 of items in a State ... they become liable for Sales Tax and have to register with each individual State where they have an "economic nexus"

I won't go into all the details here, suffice to say I then had to spend another TWELVE WEEKS just researching the highly complex US tax requirements.
**I have written a   52 page guide   on the subject if you're interested

OK, so tax dilemma sorted, I then hit another brick wall.

Lots of "digital product delivery" providers online use PayPal Mass Pay feature to distribute funds ... but that has now been "deprecated" (or discontinued!), and is longer available to new vendors! Some sites switched to "Adaptive Payments", where monies are split between several people. That's fine until a customer wants a refund. Let's just say it can become "challenging" trying to claw back funds from various bank accounts!! (I also think the "writing is on the wall" for that system too, and PayPal are now pushing "PayOuts" ... which is still expensive to use!)

So then I began to wonder if other companies such as Stripe might offer a solution. Perhaps use Wordpress plugins that are supposed to track affiliate sales? What about Payoneer or a host of other solutions? Believe me, there are drawbacks with all these systems making them impractical.
(as I explain in my guide)

As you might imagine, after all these setbacks, I was ready to admit defeat, and forget the whole business venture

But I don't give in that easily ... especially as up to that point, I'd spent SIXTEEN MONTHS developing all the apps. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" So I modified my apps to work WITH the "Big Three" affiliate marketing platforms, ClickBank, JVZoo and WarrriorPlus** Please see the note3 at the bottom of the page

After all this research, the conclusion was that you SHOULD pay a higher commission, and let other companies handle the various tax issues, and distribution of funds to affiliates. Should there be any legal complications, (for example. IRS can fine you $250 for each incorrect 1099-NEC / 1042-S form submitted) the onus lies with them, NOT your business

But as already stated, not all companies help with reporting your taxes !!

Problems resolved. What about the software ?

I suppose I didn't really need to mention about all the tax issues. I could have simple started this page with "Here is my fantastic software, it does XYZ" ... and allow you to sort out your own tax issues at a later date.
But that's not the way I operate I like to provide people with as much information as possible so they do not have to go through the "trauma" of having to research a subject by themselves

Which is why ATOMZ has it's own membership site with articles and message boards. (More on this later)

Plus, having been online for over the 20 years, I've created dozens of individual apps aimed at Internet Marketing, so decided to bundle a few of them together on one website.

ATOMZ had been created
Never Ending Learning Curve

Let's be honest, marketing online involves a never ending "Learning Curve". There always seems to be a new methodology devised every month

Then again, for "Noobs" there is lots of things they have got to learn about, usually by getting a snippet of information here and there. (That's what I had to do when researching the   52 page guide   to US taxes!)

Oh, there are plenty of digital products and courses you can buy for $97 ~ $997 or more (nothing wrong with that; it's something we advocate). But wouldn't it be nice if - once in a while - some of those 'skill sets' mentioned in the training were available online, in one resource...

That's where the "Tec-Tocc" site may help

It actually stands for "The Entreprenuer's Club - The Online Course Creator"

The idea is simple. It's where people interested in making money online hang out. There will be articles related to online selling, as well as forums where you can ask your peers anything you might be stuck on, or need advice about.

There is a free section that anyone can access,
but the best content is kept behind closed doors for members only !!

The "Online Course Creator" follows a similar vein, but is aimed at people who want to develop online courses to sell on "Udemy" and other similar websites. (Looking even further into the future, we propose to introduce our own "library" where vendors can sell their courses)

At this point, I must stress that this is what "Tec-Tocc" SETS OUT to achieve! For that to happen, we need people who know more than others to write articles / create videos etc. To get a question answered in the forum, there must be members willing to impart their knowledge

We have now also incorporated areas in the forums for "ClickBank", "JVZoo" and "WarriorPlus" websites. Whilst we cannot assist with sales purchase enquiries, you may be confused about a particular aspect of the site, and cannot seem to find an answer in their knowledge base. So maybe another ATOMZ member can assist you (We promise, we will not be like StackOverflow, who seem to close your account if they do not like the color of the socks you're wearing today!)

As "ATOMZ" and "TEC-TOCC" are both new sites, it may take a while for this to develop. That said, we think membership will expand rapidly once people start to discover what we offer

This is going to be expensive !!

At this point, most marketers would repeat what's on offer, and quote some ridiculous fee to justify their end price. You know the type of thing: "This has a $997 per month value, but it's yours for just $50" Do we honestly believe those "value" prices ??

Or they "hit" you with the 'scarcity' tactic: "We are only selling 250 copies of this software, and will be taken off the market in 48hrs time. So buy now whilst you have the chance" (For any Noobs out there, this is designed to get you to purchase right away as - if you have the chance to leave the site - you may forget to return to the site tomorrow to purchase ... or you may forget about it entirely! The vendor is trying to get your money NOW before you have time to think logically about things!)

That said, we ARE currently limiting membership to 250 users. At least until we can be sure this new website is working correctly, and there are no "bugs" waiting to trip us up. (If you find a "bug", please report it. Or mention it on the forums. But bear in mind this enterprise is not some large company with a team of IT experts; it is just "littl' ol' me" doing all the programming

So I'll simply repeat what's on offer, and let you can create your own 'value' for how much such a feature might be worth to you. Just bear in mind that other vendor's would charge $47 ~ $97 a month for each app. Remember too that some features are exclusive to ATOMZ

  • Product Directory (4 variants)

  • Affiliate Sales / Tracking

  • PDF / Zip Brander

  • Aff PDF Brander
  • Intell-TAF

  • Lock Page

  • Video Brander (Buttons)

  • Video Brander (Captions)

  • URL Redirect

  • Funnel Planner

  • Form Creator

  • WP Thumbnail Checker

  • Banner Exchange

  • Join The Party!

  • Help with W9 / W8-BEN tax forms

  • Access to "Tecc-Tocc" website

  • Instruction with step-by-step guides

  • Training videos (coming soon)

  • Unique Webinar app (coming soon)

  • ATOMZ host your sales page / Thank You page (coming soon)

The product list quoted above is the "state of play" at this current moment in time. There may be ideas to be developed further down the line. Usually, they will be included with your membership, although some, (such as the Webinar app), may also be marketed as "stand alone" apps ... so you'll save even more!

If you publish a product with one of the "Big Three", you can list in our Product Directory FREE OF CHARGE. All we ask is that you allow ATOMZ to act as an affiliate for your product


So how much would you be willing to pay for all these apps? And access to the articles and forums? $197 a month? ... $97 a month ... $47 a month ???

PS: I have mentioned my tax guide a couple of times (!) If you purchase that DO NOT SUBSCRIBE VIA THE LINK ABOVE as the guide includes a THREE MONTH TRIAL MEMBERSHIP to ATOMZ
Note: From month four onwards, it will revert to the regular monthly price

How complex re these apps? Having now spent a total of 30 MONTHS in development, I would claim they were "quite simple" (!) But judge for yourself. Click the "INSTRUCTION GUIDE" button at top of this page, and have a read. (How many vendors let you see how things work up front?)

** Despite extensive trials of all possible permutations, there may still be a few "gremlins" that arise in the first few months after we "go live", so please report them to us. (There is an email link in the instructions) Or perhaps post something on the member forum at https:/www.atomz.pro/tecc-toc
  1. Not suitable for mobile phone use

  2. You require web hosting to serve your sales pages / Thank You pages

  3. If using ClickBank, JVZoo or WarriorPlus, we require their INS/IPN to contact our server. If the link is already sending data to another app, we can provide a script that allows the IPN data to be send to two locations. However, you will need access to a CGI-BIN / PHP on your server for this to work)

  4. If you DO NOT have a webserver to host your webpages, and DO NOT have access to CGI-BIN / PHP, you will not be able to use our Product Directory or track sales / commission / taxes.

    The other apps remain unaffected
**Chris Brown / ATOMZ / Tecc-Toc 2022

The problem with most companies product directories are they are aimed at the affiliate, and contain brief details, plus "vanity stats", (such as EPC, CTR and other stats to decide if a product is worth promoting) They're not really designed for the buying public to see and tend to be factual rather than "visually pleasing" So we solved that dilemma

As well as a title and a description, it also displays a product photo. It also shows the retail price of an item. (For subscriptions, it shows the trail cost / period, and the main subscription / period. If it only runs for a set period - such as 12 weeks - that is shown too) So people know how much it will cost them before they read the sales page. Oh, and of course, there is also a link to the appropriate sales page

If you have added your product to the directory, we also offer a feature that will allow your item to be listed at the top of a category, ahead of all the other sellers in that category. For example, if you have uploaded three products, your goods will appear in positions 1, 2 and 3 whilst other vendors will appear in position 4 onwards

We also have an "affiliate" version with a similar layout, but this also shows how much commission you will earn on each sale or subscription. Note: It only shows details of the initial sale, not details of other products that might also be in that "funnel"

If you =DO NOT= have a website ...
you can link to our directory directly with your affiliate code
If you =DO= have a website ...
place our directory directly on your site

Our directory features products from the "Big Three" vendors, (ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus) as uploaded by the product owners.

If you register your Clickbank username with our system,
you earn commission when anyone clicks on a Clickbank product

However, due to the way "JVZoo" and "WarriorPlus" work, you have to be "approved" for particular products. If you are approved, and someone clicks a link, you earn the commission

Being totally transparent, if someone clicks on a JVZoo / WarriorPlus link for a product for which you have not been approved, commission will be paid to ATOMZ

It is 100% FREE for any seller from any network to add their product to our directory. Just register as an "Enhanced" affiliate


Affiliates register with OUR system,
plus one or all of the "Big Three"

An affiliate might link to our product directory with something like "https://www.atomz.pro/products/?JNSVDH"

When someone clicks on a button to visit a sales page, we "pull in" your ClickBank/JVZoo/WarriorPlus affiliate details associated with that product, and send people to the sales page. So you use one link to divert users to multiple products, each containing your affiliate link!

Or maybe you've found a product in the directory, and just want to promote that one item via a short code. No problem. Press a button, and you get a code something like "https://s.atomz.pro?69.JNSVDH"

Again, that simple link will look up your affiliate details in our database, and redirect people to the sales page.
(Note: This is a Members Only feature)

With short codes, you can also add "campaign" codes, to perhaps track which publication is giving the most sales. You can use ATOMZ own tracking, and / or use the "Tracking ID" features of the "Big Three"

For both vendors and affiliates, we provide basic stats. This displays a graph showing how many Click-Thro / Sales / Refunds you have made for a particular product on a particular day (More detailed stats will be found on the "Big Three" own admin areas)

For the slightly more advanced, we also display your ROI and CPC for each product / campaign

All affiliate payments to you for products sold are handled by ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus

We do not track payments due as:

  1. ClickBank pay on a 14 - 30 day rolling cycle
  2. JVZoo may use "delayed payments", and keep a "rolling reserve" from amounts payable. They may also pay direct to a "JVZooPay" wallet
  3. WarriorPlus have similar requirements before payments are due


Our app can track:
"Buy Now" buttons (Single Sales) and
Single Level Subscriptions (ie trial and/or main subscription)

However, it CANNOT track Multi Level Subscriptions (ie Bronze / Silver / Gold access levels etc) unless each is set up as an individual product.

It cannot track "upgrades" from say "Bronze" to "Silver" subscription level


Similar to our customer PDF brander shown below, this allows your affiliates to add their own link to a document. The idea is they will give the publication away to their friends and associates ... and of course, their affiliate link is shown across the bottom of each page

You don't even have to write the give away publication youreself; you might find a suitable booklet available in the Public Domain


As any vendor with a popular product will know, there are "pirates" out there that will pass your work onto others. This option acts as a "deterrent", although it does not offer 100% security of your work

When you make a sale, people usually get returned to a "Thank You" page where they can access their purchase. We take it a stage further

On that "ThankYou" page, you direct them to a page that asks them to enter their email address. We then send a code to that address, (to prove that the account is genuine, and not a ficticious email) They then return to the site, enter that code, and gain access to the guide. Here's where it gets interesting:

We print their email address across the bottom of every page!

Optionally, we can even add a "Legal Warning" page to the end of the guide to the effect of

    "If you have obtained this guide from another vendor, and it is NOT your email address across the bottom of the page, please report the person who sold the guide to {your_admin@email.address}"

Most vendors will only have one PDF manual per sale to be branded ... but you can upload a zip file containing FIVE OR MORE PDF's, and we will brand five of the PDF's with the customer's details (The zip file can also include videos, text files etc, and they will remain within the zip file that the client downloads)

Note: The customer WILL NOT be added to any mailing list. We request their email details purely for branding purposes. Should the email not arrive in a reasonable amount of time, they can return to the site to request that the email code is sent again.

Their email is also heavily encoded on our server.

Each download request is given a unique number on our server. And your product is also stored in a unique numbered folder. So the chance of a "hacker" locating your product / client's download is made more difficult!

Note: This system cannot work when the zip file is uploaded to JVZoo / Warrior where the buyer can download the product by simply clicking a button on their site, (ie "Direct Download") which bypasses the "ThankYou" page option


With most video players, you have a row of buttons across the bottom to play / pause, scrub through or view video full screen. But an internet marketer needs more. They need buttons that people can click that might offer to add them to a mailing list ... or subscribe them to a YouTube channel ... or even a "Buy Now" button.

This simple utility allows you to display buttons that pop up on top of your video at any time you choose. (They can also be removed from the screen to reappear at a later time)

Plus, the buttons can appear in any of NINE positions, ie left, center or right columns, plus top, middle or bottom row. You can also 'fine tune' the buttons should you wish to move them left/right or up/down a little

The app is not supplied with button images.There are plenty of image files available online that you can upload into the app. Or create your own via a graphic program

Plus, the video can be "branded" by your affiliates. They use a simple app that places their link code behind a button. Next, then post the video on their own site. Now, when ever a customer clicks that button, the affiliate earns the commission

Simple to use; the affiliate has to add just two lines of code to their website!


The above video brander requires that you / the affiliate has a website into which code can be embedded. As such, it DOES NOT upload to "YouTube", "Vimeo", "Facebook" etc. So this alternative app creates a 'stand alone' video,

As the vendor, you prepare the video offline. The app will generate some code. Upload the code to our website, and video to "DropBox" or similar

Your affiliate then downloads the second part of our app. They grab your "master" video from "Dropbox" or similar online storage site, and enters their affiliate code. In a few minutes, they have a copy of your video, branded with their affiliate code as visible text, (similar to a closed-caption / subtitle) They can distribute that video how ever they wish

Note: Whilst the "Video Brander (Buttons)" displays buttons a viewer can click on, this app simple adds the affiliate's code to the video. The viewer will then need to enter that code into their browser window manually. The affiliate link limited to 40 letters


Also known as a "URL shortener" , such as "youtu.be" and "goo.gl" (discontinued)

Simply enter your long URL, and get a short code back.

For example:
could be shorted to "https://r.atomz.club?FE2367:9
Handy for affiliates who wish to place a long link URL on their video

Note: The start of YOUR reduced size URL (such as "FE2367" above) will always remain the same. Only the number at the end changes


Quite often, a vendor will "tempt" a customer with a low priced initial offer. Then, to maximise sales, they might offer a "One Time Offer" or upsell. If the customer doesn't "bite", they might offer a downsell to that OTO

As you might imagine, keeping track of this upsell linking to that downsell, which links to this upsell and another downsell can get confusing. (You could of course also have upsell / upsell / upsell products such as $19.95, $30.95, $49.75 per month

This is a simple form, laid out as a sideways running multi-level pyramid. You simply enter your intial product name, then the name of the upsell product that it links to, and the name of any downsell product it links to across up to five levels

Once it is PLANNED, you modify each sales page to include the Buy Now buttons that link to products XYZ, (or a "No, thanks I don't want this offer" link to a downsell) Once uploaded, you can tick a box on the form to remind yourself that you've completed that stage

Please remember: This DOES NOT physically set up your funnel. It is only a "printout" to show you which product should link to another

With JVZoo, their "funnel planner" allows you to directly link one product to another. This app allows you to "pre-plan" which product should link to the next. Then, once you have 'transferred' that data, you can click a button on our app to say that action has been completed. This should help avoid a link pointing to a non-existant page


BANNER EXCHANGES ??!! (Only people who have been online a number of years will remember them!) But as you'd expect, ours is a little different

In days gone by, you would place code on your website to display a
468px x 60px banner. For every 5 - 10 banners you displayed on your site, your banner would be displayed ONCE on someone elses site. A somewhat biased ratio

Our system works on a much fairer 1:1 basis. If a banner is shown on your site, your banner will be shown on someone else's site. What's more, whilst our system CAN use the 468 x 60 banner, we allow you to use one of ten popular banner sizes that best suits your site

Plus, we have another unique twist. It helps grow your mailing list

Again, with the old exchanges, when someone clicked a banner, they were taken directly to the other site. With our system, we pop up a window where you tell the viewer more about your mailing list, and ask if they would like to subscribe. (Since they've already decided to click on a banner, there is a fair chance they are interested in that subject matter)

If they DO decide to subscribe
they complete the subcription form,
and are then redirected to site.

If they DO NOT subscribe
They go directly to the site as before

Whether they subscribe or not, we track their stats so that the admin screen will tell you how many times the banner has been viewed, plus how many subscribed, and how many went direct to site. You can download the stats for every month if you wish


The full name of this app is "Intelligent Tell-A-Friend"

Quite simply, you set this up such that friends and contacts can tell their friends about your product. The app tracks all click-thro' and sales. If they send (say) 100 visitors to your site, you reward them with a gift. You could then suggest they send 250 people to your site, and gain another gift. So on and so on

It doesn't have to be clic-thro's. You could use a similar reward system for X number of sales ... or a mixture of both!

Once set up, you don't have to do a thing! The app will automatically send an email to a user once they hit the specific target level you have set

You can also "pause" a promotion, and notify your users in advance that you plan to halt the reward system

Working in conjuction with "Intelli-TAF", or as a stand alone utility, this allows you to "lock" pages. The contents will not be accessable unless a person enters a specific password, (and each user is assigned a unique code)

You can also set the access to expire after a few minutes, or a few days

If a "pirate" passes their log in passcode to another person, the latter will not be able to gain access as all passwords are "one time use" only. Once the preset time has expired, the page will lock down again. Even if they enter their existing password again, they will not gain access

Some Wordpress themes have sliders across the top of the page, which use rectangular images. Other pages on the side might use that same image ... but in a different "aspect ratio" The result is the larger image gets cropped, and the smaller icon looks weird!

This app allows you to see WHERE the crop will occur, and lets you redesign your images such that the important details remain within the cropped areas, whilst you "pad" the larger image with extra data that you know will only show when the image is displayed in the scroller.

NB: The theme we chose to use for "Tec-Tocc" has three icon image sizes, and using this utility we were able to design a single image that looks right in all three sizes

This app started as something to create our own Tax forms. Basically, whilst you can modify PDF files to accept form data, it's difficult to send that data to the server. And it's almost impossible to put that data back INTO a PDF publication. So we developed a compromise

We start by creating a "picture" (screengrab) of our form. We then overlay the various form fields, (text input, radio, checkbox, textarea and selection list) and using the app, position them over the form areas of the picture in the background. This creates a file containing lots of positioning co-ordinates.

When the user displays the page, we display the picture, and layout the form fields in the correct positions. The data is then submitted to the server as per a normal form

If the page needs to be shown again, the data is "pulled" from the server, and 'pasted' into the appropriate fields

It's not designed with "precision positioning", (although you can always maually adjust the positioning on a pixel by pixel positioning if you want to be more accurate with the placement of the fields) but rather to create a simulation of the actual form

Also note that whilst the app provides BASIC form validation - to the point of checking whether or not a field contains data - it does not provide more advanced "conditional" validation. (If this, then that etc) That is down to your programmer. Similarly, we do not provide the programming to process the data on your server. It is designed purely to assist with the layout of the page

I'm sure your inbox has at times been filled by everyone and their brother actively promoting a product on Launch Day. The vendor will then take that product down after 7 - 10 days, so people will buy it in case they miss out on a bargain!

Have you ever wondered how these people know in advance when a product is being released? More to the point, would YOU like to have advanced warning of when a product is being released so you can promote it to YOUR contacts? That's the idea behind our "Join The Party" app

Now our Product Directory, (which can be viewed by non-members) shows up to five random products that have been released today or during the last seven days It's not really "designed" to inform people about "pre-launch" products

That's where "Join The Party! (Advanced)" comes into play. The Members only app tells you about products that are being released IN THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS This gives you time to get your own marketing / bonuses in place before the actual launch day ... just as the "Big Boys" do!

This advanced version of "Join The Party!" is shown on various pages within the ATOMZ app website, AND within the members only membership site

If you are a publisher who would like to add their pre-launch product to the "Join the Party!" list =IT'S FREE=
then Contact Me, ideally 10 ~ 14 days before the launch


Be honest, how many times have you purchased an app, but the instructions left you totally baffled. The more complex the software becomes, the more "confusing" the instructions become! Well, the ATOMZ apps are "quite comprehemsive" ... but we wouldn't want you to purchase, and then end up in WTF? mode trying to discover how to use the program.

That's why we offer you   full access   to the instruction guide to all our apps before you purchase. (That highlighted "Full access" text is actually a link) Have a read, and if you find them totally bewildering - then don't purchase our apps

We also have a membership site (TEC-TOCC) where you can read articles, or post questions in the message boards. With the latter, either myself, or other members may be able to advice you on how to use a particular app. It's also where you can report "bugs" Whilst I have been through them all with the proverbial "fine-toothed comb", coding errors could still arise. Once I've been informed of them, I can take steps to correct them


Before a vendor can pay an affiliate commission, they have to request appropriate tax forms (W9 / W8-BEN) Whilst "JVZoo" and "Warrior" ask potential affiliates to complete these forms, they do not "fully integrate" the idea

In simple terms, come tax time, if the vendor has paid an affiliate more than $600, they have to submit a form to the IRS saying that they paid person ABC a total of $XXX. The form has to include the affiliate's name and address, (and other info) ... which is taken from the tax form they uploaded.

With JVZoo and WarriorPlus, they simply allow you to 'view' the original document the affiliate submitted ... and you have to copy their details manually onto the form you're sending to the IRS. That can be a little difficult when dealing with 100+ affiliates. Plus, as far as we know, the affiliate cannot easily update this form once submitted.

With the ATOMZ system, they upload the tax form, we encrypt all the data and store it on another server. At anytime, the affiliate can view the form, correct the details and resave it

During the course of the year, we record how much commission you have paid a particular affiliate. Come tax time, you click a button - and a screen displays affiliate earnings. You can amend this if required, (perhaps you paid them a sales bonus directly etc). Click another button, and the app "pulls" the name and address from their tax forms, adds their payment details, and generates a simple CSV file.

This file can then be used with a Third Party app that will:

  1. Generate a PDF statement that you send to each affiliate
  2. "E-file" the 1099-NEC / 1042-S forms directly to the IRS

It's important to note that whilst the ATOMZ system CAN work with "JVZoo" and "WarriorPlus" ... we would not advise it

Whilst our system records all sales / refunds, (providing we have access to the INS / IPN data the platforms send out), their payout shedules are a little 'erratic', (such as payimg for sales anywhere between 3 and 30 days, keeping 25% back to cover rolling reserves to cover refunds etc)

With the ATOMZ system, we mark payments as payable on the 1st of the month AFTER the 28 day refund period has expired. So if you made a sale on January 1st, it can be refunded up to January 28th. If it is not refunded, it is added to the 1st Feb mass pay file, (which can then be uploaded to Wise to transfer the money on the click of a button) ... and that amount gets added to the affiliate's taxable income file

Note: Whilst "JVZoo" and "WarriorPlus" request the tax forms, they will not help you compile your tax forms They may provide the "stats" via their admin interface, but it is up to you to compile your own tax reports for the IRS / affiliates. (One of the help pages on "JVZoo" states they create the 1099-NEC tax forms for you, but this is in fact incorrect; the onus is always on YOU =the vendor= to complete the appropriate tax forms manually)


IMPORTANT: Under development

Most "evergreen" webinars on the internet are actually pre-recorded videos shown to a customer at a specific time. Now the problem with native videos is their size tends to be huge, often running to a few gigabytes for an hour long presentation. That's not important for the customer, but for the vendor, it uses a HUGE amount of "bandwidth" ... which has to he paid for !!

This webinar app will be like a "Powerpoint" presentation, (ie slides) but with continous audio ... and visual effects similar to "explainer" videos. This would bring the file size down from around 1.5GB to around 10MB (or usually a lot less) for an hour long webinar

This is a future development; at present, I've got to get the concept of ATOMZ / TEC-TOCC into the marketplace first